William Steig autograph
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  • William Steig autograph

Steig, William



Signed collector`s card mounted

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Signed collector`s card: `This Autograph is A Contribution to the Collection of Jules Gilbert Moritz`, 5,25 x 3,5 inch, New York, January 1945, signed and inscribed in black ink, mounted for fine display with a picture of Shrek (altogether 8,25 x 11,75 inch), with scattered very small stains to the edges - in nearly very fine condition.


Artikelnummer 6003945
Profession American cartoonist, sculptor, and, late in life, an illustrator and writer of popular children's books - crator of Shrek!
Geburtsjahr 1907
Sterbejahr 2003
Size in inch (1 inch = 2.5 cm) 5,25 x 3,5 (altogether 8,25 x 11,75 inch)
Berechnungsgrundlage very fine
Type of Autograph cards / album pages
Sonderpreis 99,00 CHF