Edison, Thomas

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  • Thomas Edison autograph
  • Thomas Edison autograph

Edison, Thomas



Autograph letter signed

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Autograph letter signed, one page, 5 x 5,75 inch, `Glenmont - Llewellyn Park` letterhead, West Orange, 1.06.1907, to his associate Sigmund Bergmann - requesting the sending of "`priced` Catalogues" and mentioning "I am having Zeiss* catalogues sent me direct", written and signed in black ink "Edison", attractively mounted (removable) for fine display with a picture, shows Thomas Edison in a beautiful portrait (altogether 8,25 x 11,75 inch), with a central horizontal mailing fold and scattered mild stains - in fine to very fine condition. "Bergmann Do me a favor = Have one of you(r) young men procure and send me `priced` Catalogues of enclosed firms most of them appear to be in Germany I can`t find their address = I am having Zeiss catalogues sent me direct Yours - Edison - Orange June 1/07" *Carl Zeiss, branded as ZEISS, is a German manufacturer of optical systems, industrial measurements and medical devices, founded in Jena, Germany in 1846 by optician Carl Zeiss. Together with Ernst Abbe (joined 1866) and Otto Schott (joined 1884) they built a base for modern optics and manufacturing.


Artikelnummer 6015606
Profession inventor and bussinesman
Geburtsjahr 1847
Sterbejahr 1931
Size in inch (1 inch = 2.5 cm) 5 x 5,75 (altogether 8,25 x 11,75 inch)
Berechnungsgrundlage fine to very fine
Type of Autograph letters