We keep you informend on the arrival of your desired items

In a collectors life you sometimes look for a special autograph and don't find a matching piece or you find it - and someone bought it just before you. In order to cover that need of our customers we invented the email notification. With this feature you will never miss new items matching your search again. As soon we have a person's autograph new in our shop you get notified. Only once per piece of course.

First - Login to your account!

Login to your account and click on "My Notifications" on the right sidebar.

Manage your Searches easily!

In the following dialog you can simply enter your Items you search for. You also can modify or delete them if you want to. The System also shows you, when the last notification has been sent and when the entry was created.

Notification via E-mail

As soon as a new Item from the searched person arrives in our shop, you receive an e-mail with the notification. You'll never miss a desired piece again.