Wright, Orville

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Wright, Orville



Signed check mounted



Signed check `The Winters National Bank`, 8 x 3 inch, Dayton (Ohio), 5.09.1917, made out to `Postal Telegraph-Cabler Co.` in the amount of 1,47 $, signed in dark ink "Orville Wright", attractively mounted with photographs of the Wright brothers & the Wright Flyer I and framed behind glas for fine display (altogether 17 x 21,75 inch), with a small tear to the left edge, cancellation holes and bank stamp - in fine to very fine condition.

Additional Information

SKU 6022279
Profession airplane inventor
Year of birth 1871
year of death 1948
Size in inch (1 inch = 2.5 cm) 8 x 3 (altogether 17 x 21,75 inch)
Condition very fine
Type of Autograph documents