Perutz, Max Ferdinand

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Perutz, Max Ferdinand



Typed letter with handdrawn sketch signed



Typed letter with handdrawn sketch signed, one page, 8,25 x 11,25 inch, `Medical Research Council` stationery, (Cambridge, England), 5.01.1973, reply letter to Mr Temmen - concerning the binding of oxygen to the iron in haemoglobin, signed in blue ink "MF Perutz" - with an added sketch of X-ray analysis (in pencil), with three horizontal letter folds - otherwise in very fine condition. "Dear Mr Temmen, The nature of the binding of oxygen to the iron in haemoglobin is still controversial because we have no experimental method for determing it. I have been unable to solve this problem by X-ray analysis because crystals of oxyhaemoglobin grow very slowly. By the time they are big enough for X-ray work the haemoglobin has become autoxidized to met in which the iron atoms are ferric and the oxygen molecule has been replaced by a molecule of water. There is one school of thought that believes oxygen binding like carbonmonoxide, as drawn below. Another that believes both atoms of oxygen are joined to the iron. There is one lot of evidence suggesting that an electron is transferred from the iron to the oxygen making the bond ionic; another which believes it to be covalent. I hope that this gives you the information you need. Yours sincerely - MF Perutz"

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Profession British molecular biologist, Nobel Prize for Chemistry (1962)
Year of birth 1914
year of death 2002
Size in inch (1 inch = 2.5 cm) 8,25 x 11,25
Condition very fine
Type of Autograph letters
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