Sartre, Jean-Paul

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Sartre, Jean-Paul



Handwritten manuscript & typed confirmation signed

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Handwritten manuscript, one page - 21 lines (on ruled paper), 5,25 x 7,5 inch, in French, dialogue between `Victor` and` Olga` from the original raw version of `Dirty Hands`* (French: `Les mains sales`), written in blue ink; additionally the typed confirmation of authenticity for the manuscript - signed by Sartre in blue ink, one page, 5,75 x 7 inch, Paris, 17.12.1976, both attractively mounted (removable) for display with a photograph, shows Jean-Paul Sartre at a desk (altogether 11,75 x 16,5 inch), in very fine condition. Accompanied by the original envelope. Beginning of the dialogue: "Il fallait que je plonge. D´un seul coup. Les yeux fermés. (Un temps) Olga, c`est elle qui m`a demandé de l`épouser.…"  Translated: "I had to dive. In just one time. Eyes closed. (Pause) Olga, it was she who asked me to marry her..." Confirmation: "Monsieur, Cette page est parfaitement authentique. En fait, il s`agit d`un brouillon. Par la suite, j`ai changé le prénom du personnage et supprimé ce passage. Avec mes sentiments les meilleurs, J.P. Sartre" Translated: "Sir, This page is perfectly authentic. In fact, this is a raw version. Subsequently, I changed the character's first name and deleted this passage. With my best feelings, J.P. Sartre" * `Dirty Hands` is a play by Jean-Paul Sartre. It was first performed on 2 April 1948 at the Theatre Antoine in Paris, directed by Pierre Valde and starring François Périer, Marie Olivier and André Luguet. It is based mainly on the theme of existentialism which Sartre espoused, but many have taken it as a straightforward political drama. Right-wingers welcomed it as anti-communist, and left-wingers attacked it for the same reason. When the film version [fr] was released in France in 1951 Communists threatened the cinemas showing it. In fact the play itself was not re-staged in France until 1976.

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Profession French philosopher, playwright, novelist & political activist - one of the key figures in the philosophy of existentialism and phenomenology
Year of birth 1905
year of death 1980
Size in inch (1 inch = 2.5 cm) 5,25 x 7,5 & 5,75 x 7 (altogether 16,5 x 11,75 inch)
Condition very fine
Type of Autograph quotations / manuscripts