Garbo, Greta

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Garbo, Greta



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Signed document, one page, 7,25 x 10,5 inch, 11.07.1979, `The Hauser Editorial Office` letterhead, agreement between Garbo and the Hauser Editorial Office - concerning an investment, signed at the conclusion in blue felt tip "Greta Garbo" and in black felt tip by Gayelord Hauser - countersigned twice by Anthony Palermo to confirm both the agreement and his receipt of the funds, attractively mounted (removable) for fine display with a photograph, shows Garbo in a beautiful close-up portrait (altogether 16,5 x 11,75 inch), with a central horizontal letter fold - in nearly very fine condition. In parts: "We the undersigned agree to contribute $ 100,000.00 each toward the formation of a joint venture which will purchase the property located at..."


Artikelnummer 6016448
Profession actress
Geburtsjahr 1905
Sterbejahr 1990
Size in inch (1 inch = 2.5 cm) 7,25 x 10,5 (altogether 16,5 x 11,75)
Berechnungsgrundlage very fine
Type of Autograph documents
Expert comment Signatures by Greta Garbo are rare because she refused to sign autographs or answer the nearly fifteen thousand letters a week she received at the height of her career.
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