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Markus Brandes Autographs fully recognises and respects the rights of copyright owners within photography. We are in the business of selling celebrity autographs (not photographs) and much of the website is devoted to customers for historical pleasure, reference and educational purposes. We do not seek to financially gain by the use of and do not ever knowingly or intentionally use copyrighted images on our website without (whenever possible) firstly obtaining the permission of the owners. All images used within the overall design of the website itself have been purchased. All celebrity images used within our autograph display presentations are supplied to our customers free of charge, are not permanently fixed and can be easily removed by ourselves (or the client) in less than 30 seconds if required. All these images have been purchased from third-party photo dealers and sellers easily found at various National Memorabilia Fairs / Ebay / Press-Agencies / Celebrity Agents and auctions. None have ever originated, been printed or reproduced by ourselves. To the best of our knowledge all the celebrity images we have purchased have been supplied to us in good faith and are copyright / royalty free. We are simply a small business very consciously trying to operate responsibly within the correct boundaries / rules, so if you are an original owner believing any image used on the Markus Brandes Autographs website is in breach of copyright, please do contact me and it will out of respect be removed immediately.


Markus Brandes Autographs recognises and fully respects the rights of copyright within photography. Where photographs have been obtained , given or purchased by us that do carry copyright detail we will ensure that this information remains in place on the photographs themselves.

All photographs supplied within our display mounts are given to our customers free of charge WITHOUT ANY CLAIM to or sale of the images copyright included. Markus Brandes Autographs are not responsible for any subsequent usage by any future owner as this may not be permitted without their first seeking the permission of the original copyright owner. We would strongly advise any visual media and TV companies looking to show our autographed display mounts within any live programming to do their own copyright research.
Any usage / display of copyrighted images or logos within our website is "completely accidental and wholly unintentional". All reasonable attempts have been made to research and "try to ensure" that copyrights have not been broken. No images on the website show any watermarking or coding and all have been bought in this form. All have been purchased from sellers as quality prints and have also not ever been altered, printed or reproduced by ourselves.
All images utilised on the Markus Brandes Autographs website have been purchased from registered third parties and are not reproduced.
All products sold via the Markus Brandes Autographs website are for our customers personal use only.
As specialist autograph dealer Markus Brandes Autographs are NOT in the business of selling photographs. All the images / photographs contained within these display mounts are given to the autograph buyer / customer completely free of charge, are not permanently fixed and can be easily removed (within 30 seconds) by ourselves or the client if required. Markus Brandes Autographs receive no actual financial benefit or renumeration from their supply.
Markus Brandes Autographs purposely avoids the use of photographs and images of “current celebrities” wherever possible , in order to preserve the rights of the individual concerned. Current celebrities and photographers will in most cases be rightly protected by copyright and image rights and we would not ever knowingly wish to court the disapproval of any of these persons.
MArkus Brandes Autographs does its best to research and seek the potential owners of copyright on all photographs used on our website but this is often extremely difficult and time consuming. We would never knowingly breach any possible rights of ownership to a celebrity or their photographer. We welcome the contact of any individual concerned in relation to these difficult issues. “PLEASE PLEASE” first contact us at if you think we are breaching any copyrights and we will gladly unconditionally immediately remove any offending image from our website.