Brandes Autograph Gallery on TV


The quick TV report RTL about autographs and it's counterfeits. Markus Brandes occurs in this context as an autograph expert and explains what to look for when buying.. Who has not dreamed of owing his favorite star's artifact who reflects their personality? Such as an autograph of a beloved singer, an actor,whom you admire, your sporting idol figures in public life - for fans, it's a wonderful thing to keep an authentic piece of their favorite celebrity in hand.But the autograph business poses so many dangers! Because not every autograph is authentic. Business is booming and you can already buy almost every stars autograph online. But beware: Most of the really expensive and rare autographs are fakes ! Autograph expert Markus Brandes reveals how to recognize counterfeit. The RTL reporter Jan Spekker visited him in order to familiarize themselves deeper into the matter. RTL recommends among others, in the purchase of original autographs, the free portal for counterfeit detection.


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