Hofer, Andreas

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  • Andreas Hofer autograph
  • Andreas Hofer autograph
  • Andreas Hofer autograph

Hofer, Andreas



Letter signed

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Letter signed, one page - adjoining sheet with address and red wax seal, 8,75 x 11,5 inch, (Tyrol), 18.10.1809, in German, "Offene Ordre" (`open order`) of the of the k. k. Supreme Command Tyrol to the court of Imst - Andreas Hofer orders reinforcement for the national defence, signed in black ink "Andreas Hofer" - countersigned by a few officials, attractively mounted (removable) for display with a portrait picture of Andreas Hofer (altogether 19,25 x 14 inch), with intersecting letter folds, browning, and a small area of paper loss at the red wax seal of the adjoining sheet - in fine condition. In parts: "Da der Feind in Unterinnthal mit grösserer Macht vorgetrungen unsere Landesvertheidiger geworfen und schon gestern bis St. Johan vorgerrükt ist, so hat alles was Waffen tragen kann ... also gleich eiligst eiligst, ohne Zaudern wem immer das Vatterland lieb ist, nach Innsb(ru)k abzumarschiren..." Translated: "As the enemy advanced with big force in Unterinnthal, trashed defenders of this country, and advanced to St. Johan already yesterday, so everyone who could bear arms...and loves the fatherland, march out to Innsb(ru)k right away urgent urgent, without hesitation..."


Artikelnummer 6019451
Profession Tyrolean innkeeper and drover, who in 1809 became the leader of the Tyrolean Rebellion against the revolutionary Napoleonic invasion during the War of the Fifth Coalition
Geburtsjahr 1767
Sterbejahr 1810
Size in inch (1 inch = 2.5 cm) 8,75 x 11,5 (altogether 19,25 x 14 inch)
Berechnungsgrundlage fine
Type of Autograph letters
Expert comment An excellent, historically significant piece regarding the Tyrolean Rebellion against the revolutionary Napoleonic invasion!