Nimitz, Admiral Chester W.

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Nimitz, Admiral Chester W.



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Confidential typed single sided speech statement, nine pages, 8 x 10,5 inch, 11.06.1958, speech incredible prepared by Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz for the House Armed Services Committee, heavily annotated with autographed notes by Nimitz including a full scripted page on the verso of page one, written and signed in dark ink "Nimitz", with a single staple hole to the upper left corner and slight creases to the edges of page one - in fine to very fine condition. Accompanied by a photocopy of the ALS by Nimitz to Robert Gros (possibly Vice President, public relations, for Pacific Gas and Electric Co., often lectured on international relations, according to Online Archive of California) which references his speech*, in addition to a copy of Gros's response**. Speech statement (in parts): "I am one of those 'obtuse admirals' who believes that if we should unfortunately engage in World War III in the predictable future - say the next five or ten years - we will use many of the methods and in considerable part the same weapons - greatly improved of course - that we used in World War II. ...It has always been my belief that each service should have the tools it needs to carry out its major function - even though other services use similar tools. …" Nimitz's extensive satirical autographed notes (in parts): "not used to date (11 June-58) … it will be used if I have to appear before the Senate Committees ... This refers to a speech by M. Cannon of Missouri - who made a speech on the floor of the House - describing opponents of the President's plan - as "Obtuse admirals who were planning to fight the next war with the weapons of the last war. My great concern is that during all the experimentation now going on with missiles of all kinds, none of which have as yet proved themselves at long (over 200-300 miles ) range, we will neglect the proved weapons of World War II. While there have been great advances, there have been only a few changes. Even the atom powered submarine has only a few improvements. It is a steam turbine driven ship with a reactor furnishing heat instead of a boiler. The British had steam driven subs in World War I, and long before that the Turks had a small steam driven sub…" * Nimitz penned letter to Gros (in parts): "I enclose a copy of the statement which I had prepared for Vinson's Committee but did not use because I was not called. However, I may be called before the Senate Armed Forces Committee, and if so, will use it. I am grateful that you will hold the paper secure. You are free - however - to help yourself to such of the ideas expressed - if you believe in them....Aunt Catherine joins me in warmest regards…" ** Gros commenting on Nimitz' prepared speech (in parts): "I do hope you are called before the Senate Armed Forces Committee and I expressed that same hope to Tom Gates during the course of a pleasant visit I had with him in Washington last week.... I am utterly shocked at the hint thrown out by the Secretary of Defense yesterday that they might sack Arleigh Burke because of his testimony. is the very negation of the democratic process to inhibit a professional officer's testifying to his honest convictions when called before a Congressional Committee…"

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SKU 6024561
Profession Fleet admiral of the United States Navy
Year of birth 1885
year of death 1966
Size in inch (1 inch = 2.5 cm) 8 x 10,5
Condition fine to very fine
Type of Autograph letters
Expert comment Outstanding item: His statement shows a fascinating viewpoint of this esteemed admiral's opinion of the armed services and the tactical and strategic balance to prepare for a future war !