William Benjamin Carpenter Autogramm 6006671
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  • William Benjamin Carpenter Autogramm 6006671
  • William Benjamin Carpenter Autogramm 6006671
  • William Benjamin Carpenter Autogramm 6006671

William Benjamin Carpenter Autogramm



Eigenhändiger Brief mit Unterschrift

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Eigenhändiger Brief mit Unterschrift, vier Seiten - gefaltetes Blatt, 4,5 x 7,25 inch, 56 Regents Park Road (London - England), 18.10.1873, an den Geistlichen H. Solly - u.s. Carpenters Erfahrungen mit dem Oberbürgermeister und eine Beschäftigung bei `Gilchrist Trustees` betreffend, in schwarzer Tinte geschrieben und signiert, mit sich überschneidenden Brieffalten und gebräunt (insbesondere am Rand) - in nahezu gutem Zustand. " I will hold myself ready to joining your deputation, if it is really to be received by the Lord Mayor and the City Companies Committee. But I considered my time completely wasted on the former occasion and consider that I had better not make myself too cheap with the City magnates. The Lord Mayor, when I previously went to him on his own appointment, kept me waiting (the President of the British Association) for half an hour or more, while he was eating his luncheon. Before undertaking a lecture, I must be quite clear what you propose to yourselves. It does not seem to be I that should introduce you to the Working Men of London, but vice versa. I fear that there is no likelihood of my getting you an engagement with the Gilchrist Trustees - at least at present. The aim they have is the diffusion of Scientific Knowledge; and their engagements for the coming season are already made. Yours faithfully - William B. Carpenter"


Artikelnummer 6006671
Profession English physician, invertebrate zoologist and physiologist
Geburtsjahr 1813
Sterbejahr 1885
Größe in inch (1 inch = 2.5 cm) 4,5 x 7,25
Qualität gut
Art des Autogramms Briefe
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