Rafael Cancel Miranda Autogramm 6006284
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  • Rafael Cancel Miranda Autogramm 6006284
  • Rafael Cancel Miranda Autogramm 6006284

Rafael Cancel Miranda Autogramm



Eigenhändiger Brief mit Unterschrift

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Eigenhändiger Brief mit Unterschrift, zwei Seiten (beidseitig beschrieben), 1.04.1979, in englischer Sprache, an Reverend und Frau S. Jackson in Philadelphia, interessanter Brief - seine Situation betreffend, als Häftling in Marion Penitentiary in schwarzer Tinte geschrieben und signiert "Rafael", mit leichten, sich überschneidenden Brieffalten - ansonsten in sehr gutem Zustand. Beiliegend das Originalkuvert - Brief und Briefumschlag mit Mirandas Häftlingsnummer. In Ausschnitten: "...I have the great joy of receiving many letters - and now & then I get way behind in my answering....the jailers won't allow me to get those things that you want to send to me....Anyway, your letters are like gifts - so, you are, indeed, sending me something which I value. Yes, my friend went to his death at peace with himself, because he lived a good life - a life dedicated to the freedom of his people! He was a very very humane person - about ten thousands Puerto Ricans went to his funeral....Our people knows what we are fighting for - Yes, I'm eligible for parole - in June - but I won't apply for it, because I won't accept no conditions in my freedom, nor would I ask for pardons or things like that....very many people around the world are asking for our unconditional release (even the General Assembly of the United Nations - more than a hundred countries asked Carter for it)....it's a great comfort to me that so many people are supporting us...."


Artikelnummer 6006284
Profession Political activist, member of the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party and an advocate of Puerto Rican independence
Geburtsjahr 1930
Größe in inch (1 inch = 2.5 cm) 8 x 10,5
Qualität sehr gut
Art des Autogramms Briefe
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