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Marie Curie Autogramm



Autographed letter signed, 1 page. 8to. Printed letterhead "Institut du Radium - Laboratoire Curie". Receipt stamped "Académie de Paris."

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Autographed letter signed, Paris 21.IV.1920, 1 page. 8to. Printed letterhead“Institut du Radium - Laboratoire Curie". Receipt stamped“Académie de Paris.". Short message to the rector of the Academie de Paris confirming a meeting at the Academie.“…Conformément à votre invitation, je me rendrai au Secrétariat de l’Académie de Paris vendredi à 11 heures…“ From the time as Marie Curie tried to get a gramm of Radium to keep on with her important science research as the stock went out because of the therapie management during the first World War. One month after this meeting with the rector in May 1920 a american journalist heared about the magnificant inquiry from Marie Curie and had been impressed by the simplicity of Marie Curie and her research opportunities at the“Institut de Radium", she supported her and founded a“Marie Curie Radium Committee”in the states where she support with Radium. In very fine condition and rare !


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